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I’m noticing an ongoing trend of complete lack of support for trans women everywhere…



Like, even from people that are fucking awesome about everything else.

It never seems to cross peoples minds to be inclusive towards trans women.

It never seems to cross peoples minds to acknowledge trans women.

It never seems to cross peoples minds that without inclusive and acknowledging statements, trans women need to assume that we aren’t wanted.

We NEED to do this because we are tired as fuck of assuming that we are being included.

We are tired of coming into women’s groups and being victimized and abused.

We are tired of going to rape crisis centers and being turned away because our existence is triggering.

We are tired of wanting a safe space and then being told WE are the rapists, the deceivers, the monsters, and the child molesters.

We are tired of being the punchline and the joke. The fetish object and “best of both worlds” so long as we’re gone by morning.

Never mind the fact that many of us are victims of rape.

That many of us have dealt with child abuse.

That many of us have been physically assaulted.

That all of us live and deal with the constant deceptive nature of cis people.

We NEED to assume we aren’t wanted. Because the whole wide world is telling us we’re trash and we can’t be arsed to assume that you actually meant to include us when you said fucking nothing.

We don’t have the fucking luxury to assume that we are being included.

So yeah…

Make it damn clear that you want us around.

Make it clear that you won’t put up with transmisogyny.

Make it clear that you view us as women. That you view us as fucking people.

I’d like to see some fucking solidarity, but I wonder if this will even be reblogged?

And if it is reblogged I wonder how many people that aren’t trans women will do so?

I’m honestly not betting much, so I guess we’ll see.

Simple concept that somehow eludes more people than it should — which is to say anyone:  transgender women are women, transgender men are men. 

There’s several in my life, some of whom are reading these very words.  In case I haven’t made it clear enough in word and deed elsewhere, here it is again:  I’m glad each of you is here.

People with a problem with any of that need to step off now before they make utter fools of themselves in a forum that never forgets.

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    I wish that inclusiveness didn’t have to specifically be said, I wish that there wasn’t this culture of othering...
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    The lack of support for trans women disgusts me. Though we suffer, in comparison, FTMs get a bit of a free ride in...
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    If you identify yourself as a woman, than you are a woman. If you identify yourself as a man, than you are a man. I know...
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